The Future Of Search Engine Rankings

How do you plan for future changes in search engine rankings?

It would be nice to have a crystal ball, research the plans of the search engines and how they can change the weights of the algorithms and the like.


For those with little understanding of SE, the algorithms are formulas or rules established by SE to determine the classification. Then each rule is assigned a different weight or percentage of importance. A good example of this is currently Google’s heavy weight in tying all other factors or rules together.

So, knowing this, how can we get ahead of the game?

Are we keeping up with Jones (Google) at the present time and don’t care about future changes? Or do we allow future algorithm changes so we don’t have to change thousands of pages later?

For me I stay with the after…. and so it is done …

Let’s build on all the factors that SE sites currently rank on, a few they might use in the future, and focus on the ones that make the most sense … here’s a list

domain name >> the name itself, the duration of the past and future registration

domain hosting >> good hosting network. different IP range for mininet / virtual properties

meta tags >> title, keywords, description

on page >> keyword density, headings, alt tags, outbound links, outbound link text, sitemap, less graphics, no flash or frames

visitor usability >> fast loading, good content, good navigation, equipped search, sitemap

html >> compatible with w3c

directory >> dmoz and yahoo, local, industry specific, large generic

link >> inbound links, reciprocal links, domain and text link (broadcast), identical / similar industries (latent semantic indexing), no links to neighborhoods or bad sites, quantity and quality of links, where links are placed on the page, connection density, class / ip range

I’m sure there are a few more I could add to this list, however generally this is the case currently.

If you include all these elements in the construction of your next web page and websites, regardless of how SEs decide to change their algorithms by giving more importance to one factor than another, you will be in a good position to maintain the first rankings.

Like anything else, high search engine rankings aren’t rocket science. You just have to know the rules and then get the job done.

Start with a keyword or phrase, do your research, implement a plan, get the job done, rank highest, and then move on to the next keyword or phrase …

And if you want a big head start, there’s some great information on SEO Quick Ranking.

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