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Immigration lawyers at Immigration Solutions LLC believe that each case is unique and important. We offer proactive, creative and successful solutions to your immigration needs. You are notified of progress and changes on your case on a regular basis by an immigration lawyer.
Brown Immigration Law was resourceful, helpful, and very professional in our first dealings. I was hired into a senior leadership position and they made the transition on the immigration side seamless. After securing my non-immigrant status they went to work on my green card.
The process went very smooth and I recommend to help with future immigration issues for our staff. Brown Immigration Law focuses on delivering successful corporate immigration solutions to support employers and foreign talent in a variety of high-growth startups and established businesses across the U.S. and beyond. We leverage a variety of technologies to help meet our clients’ unique immigration needs. These include Foster’s state-of-the-art, patented I-9 Solver® auditing and compliance process, an attorney I-9 client hotline, and a customizable, 24/7 case tracking portal.
A judge later ruled that licensing under the emergency rule would have allowed reduced standards. Late last year, the lawsuit contesting the state’s ability to license the facilities was overturned, and the facilities remain open, although DHS officials have considered phasing out both family detention centers. State officials insisted that this form of licensing was an effort to preserve oversight by child welfare authorities, but emergency licensing categories merit increased scrutiny for whether they, in practice, maintain detention capacity at a human cost. It is clear to any rational observer that America’s immigration system is broken and that the federal government’s response has been grossly insufficient.
He has represented other people I know with great results, and I recommend him to anyone who has an immigration problem. Education visas – These visas enable international students to attend an academic program or English Language Program, and higher education institutions to enroll them. EB-1 Immigration We help the brightest minds in science, the arts, medicine and business to achieve permanent residence. As an employer, the immigration rules and obligations you must comply with can seem incredibly complex.
Applicants under this category must be the same nationality as the company for which they work, and the company must be undertaking a level of trade with America sufficient to support the employee in America. The trade must be substantial – i.e. an amount of trade sufficient enough to ensure a continuous flow of international trade items between America and the treaty country. hear from Canadians who suddenly have problems crossing the border due to an old criminal charge – something they thought was a long-ago warning, dismissal, or even pardon. For U.S. immigration purposes, however, these incidents may be problematic.
Congress should use these components as building blocks for new proposals that meet today’s reality. Undocumented immigrants don’t qualify for most entitlement benefits, including SNAP food stamps and Social Security. The only medical coverage they have is for emergency room visits, so they generally do not receive preventative care, unless it’s paid for by private insurance obtained through an employer. They pay into a social safety net that protects us, but they do not have a safety net for themselves. This inadequate system created the undocumented population we have today.
You should not take, or refrain from taking action based on its content. Prior results and case studies do not guarantee a similar outcome in future representation. EB-1 immigration lawyer, or compliance immigration lawyer when it comes to wading into the perplexing waters of employment-based immigration services.
The application and interview process for U.S. citizenship can be complicated and time consuming. We help you navigate the very complex requirements and procedural rules of the application process and prepare for your naturalization interview. In today’s rapidly changing immigration climate, you need attorneys who are responsive, client-centered and who understand the speed of business.

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