They were timely, thorough and gave me plenty of time to ask questions. Very professional, friendly, and curtious, reasonable pricing. dentisterie communicate well and help you to be as comfortable as is possible in a Dentist Office. He repaired my front tooth and it looks better than the other one now.
If demineralization continues over time, enough mineral content may be lost so that the soft organic material left behind disintegrates, forming a cavity or hole. The impact such sugars have on the progress of dental caries is called cariogenicity. Sucrose, although a bound glucose and fructose unit, is in fact more cariogenic than a mixture of equal parts of glucose and fructose. This is due to the bacteria utilising the energy in the saccharide bond between the glucose and fructose subunits. S.mutans adheres to the biofilm on the tooth by converting sucrose into an extremely adhesive substance called dextran polysaccharide by the enzyme dextran sucranase.
Practicing good oral hygiene is an important part of preventing tooth decay. Below are some strategies you can implement to help avoid damage to your teeth from tooth decay. Dental plaque is important to the tooth decay process.
Though brushing your teeth twice a day is critical to maintaining good oral health, it’s not enough. It is also essential that you floss your teeth each day and make sure to get that floss between all of your teeth, even those far in the back. Flossing helps you get to places your toothbrush can’t. And it ensures that tiny food particles get removed from in between your teeth. To get rid of plaque and harmful bacteria, it’s important to brush your teeth and clean between them.
However, because SDF permanently stains caries black, it is applied primarily to baby teeth. Over half the people in the United States have drinking water that contains fluoride. However, many people may not consume enough of this water to significantly reduce tooth decay.
Sticky foods that promote tooth decay include raisins and other dried fruits, gummy candies, taffy, fruit roll-ups and snack bars with honey or molasses. Try to limit these foods in your child’s diet and have kids brush or rinse with plain water after eating them. Even the natural sugars in breast milk and formula can kick-start the process of tooth decay. And even though primary teeth start falling out when kids are around 6 years old, what happens before then will influence your child’s dental health over the long term. Research shows that diet and dental hygiene habits during a child’s infant and toddler years reduces the risk of tooth decay as they become older.
Of course, if you are like most adults in Buxton, Maine, you don’t want a cavity. So what are the best ways to prevent them and tooth decay from starting in the first place? By adopting these 10 strategies, you will do your mouth and whole body good and considerably lessen any future tooth decay risks.

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